183: Delete or Not Delete That Tweet 

Today’s topic is relevant to everyone who dares to engage in online dialogue, no matter our
standing in the public eye. Using the ever-relevant example of ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s
controversial tweet following the untimely passing of NFL quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, we
tackle the great question: Delete or Not Delete That Tweet? In this episode, you’ll discover the
best way to repair the damage of an insensitive tweet, as well as how to avoid such an
unfortunate circumstance altogether. Tune in to hear another one of Molly’s indestructible PR
tips, this time for Twitter!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How an incorrect tweet can irreparably harm a reputation.
  • The tweet that has ESPN’s Adam Schefter under scrutiny.
  • The function of Twitter’s auto-block feature.
  • The archival digging people tend to do following a controversial tweet.
  • How Schefter dealt with the backlash.
  • How to navigate the aftermath of an insensitive tweet and repair a soiled reputation.
  • The importance of an apology.
  • Molly’s indestructible PR tip for Twitter.


    “An incorrect tweet, whether posted on behalf of a company or on your own account can
    irreparably harm a reputation.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:01:36]

    “What often happens when someone’s in the hot bright light of a mistake of their own doing,
    people not only get angry but they also start to dig.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:05:38]

    “Nothing on Twitter has to stay on Twitter.” — @MollyMcPherson [0:09:37]

    “When in doubt, delete or keep it in draft for a bit, see if the story changes, wait for the mood
    to shift. If it still feels safe, if you have thought it out, then go ahead and tweet it. However, if
    you have any doubt, don’t. You’ll never regret a tweet you never sent.” — @MollyMcPherson

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