If an employee causes a crisis for his employer due to actions that go viral, the company needs an immediate response.

Case in point, Southwest Airlines pilot, who used the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon,” a euphemism considered to be a vulgar phrase aimed at President Joe Biden, over the plane’s PA system.

On this week’s podcast, the best PR response for a rogue employee who makes bad news for your brand.

Learn the immediate steps communicators can take to manage reputation by dissociating the brand from the actions of the employee as quickly as possible.

  1. The plan  
  2. The statement 
  3. The internal communications 

PLUS, one Indestructible PR tip that keeps your reputation solid during the crisis.

Need help writing a crisis response for your organization? 

This episode provides a 10-point checklist to guide you through communications when a crisis arises, particularly from one you caused.

Click HERE to download your Crisis Communication Rapid Response Checklist, a 10-point plan that guides you through communications, especially when it comes from within your organization.

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