Have you ever had to work around an issue where your leadership did not want to own up to the truth?

We all know that sometimes, the truth can be ugly.  There are many business situations where privacy and confidential issues need to protect the truth. But how do you manage it when you are a communicator stuck in the middle juggling the press and an angry public?

In this episode, we find out from Mike McGill how to get to the truth of the matter.

Our backstory? The Flint Water Crisis.

Mike McGill, owner of Water PIO, a communications firm serving the water and wastewater industries, shares three of his battle-tested tactics to help communicators create an environment for their leadership to feel confident about setting the record straight. 

Before starting his company, McGill worked as a producer in CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau, producing shows including “Reliable Sources”, “The Capital Gang”, “Crossfire”, and “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.” 

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