When an email meant for one person goes to the wrong person. It can be a disaster. When that email goes viral because the unintended recipient shared it to TikTok — it was a reputation teardown.

When a recent college graduate named Gracie Lorincz from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, applied for a position as an ambassador for clothing boutique Ava Lane, she found out it was unlikely she’d get the job because the VP of the company replied in an email that she was “not that cute.”

That email was intended for the owner of Ava Lane, the wife of the VP, Laura DeGrendel.  Instead, it went back to Lorincz. What happened next was a TiKTok takedown.

In this episode, a timeline for this TikTok takedown. What to do when your business unintentionally goes viral in a very bad way.  

1.  The backstory behind the email
2.  Ava Lane’s poor PR response
3.  How to manage a digital crisis. 

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