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142: Is it Time to Cancel ‘Cancel Culture?’ The Answer from USA Today’s David Oliver

Is it Time to Cancel ‘Cancel Culture?’ The Answer from USA Today's David Oliver

July 12, 2021

Is it time to cancel the cancel culture once and for all?

Not really.

But it might be time to rethink what the term actually means.

Many people know the online shaming that happens when a person’s past actions, affiliations or offensive social media posts return to haunt the reputation, but many disagree on the reason for it.

Is it a mob of spiteful Twitter users or people who want certain names held responsible for problematic behavior?

USA Today reporter David Oliver discusses his recent article about the online phenomenon, from examining the true origin of the term “cancel culture” to the current offenders.

Here are a few…

1.  Where did the term ‘cancel culture’ originate? (5:05)
2.  Chrissy Teigen’s behavior (7:35)
3.  How the political 
used the term. (15:13)

Mention on the podcast:

Why Cancel Culture Must Go and Accountability Culture Should Stay (Oliver, David. 30 June 2021)

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