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140: 3 Powerful Ways to Include PR in Civic Engagement with Tonya McKenzie

140: 3 Powerful Ways to Include PR in Civic Engagement with Tonya McKenzie

June 28, 2021

Coming out of a tumultuous year has meant changes in how organizations communicate to their audiences. It seems that there is greater need to understand what is behind the motives of companies. People not only ask, “What’s in it for you?” They want to know what’s in it for the community.

Together, civic engagement and PR can make good bedfellows when there is a cause in mind addressing a problem in a community.

What are the communication tactics behind a successful campaign that contribute to a common good? Our guest, Commissioner, Los Angeles County Commission of Human Relations, Tonya McKenzie provides three ways all businesses can use a more civic-minded approach to their communications.

About the guest:


As the founder of Sand & Shores, Tonya McKenzie brings more than 20 years of experience in media relations, marketing, and client relations. Her non-profit experience includes being an Associate Executive Director, raising over a million dollars to open a new YMCA in Northern California, serving as an elected official as a Director for the Oakley Chamber of Commerce and leading a dynamic marketing team for a private club in Walnut Creek, CA. Tonya has also published a Real Estate Agent Magazine and chartered a graduate chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc in Northern California. You can find Mrs. McKenzie highlighted in the book, “AMAZING MOMS: Parents of the 21st Century”

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