Are you someone who hesitates to talk about matters that matter to you because it is easier to stay quiet and avoid the backlash because you are responsible for other people’s well-being?

Yeah? Well, me too.

I understand how it feels to be in a position of wanting to speak out when you sense there is an injustice – when something is not aligning with your core values. But caring for people who rely on you to stay stable may keep you quiet.

My book, Indestructible, was written to help people use the power of an online reputation to prevent and stop a media crisis. The same ideas apply to a person’s personal reputation as well. After completing the book, I recognized I needed to follow my own advice.

There is nothing to fear in the ‘cancel culture’ if you lead with human decency. Stop letting others control how you communicate about yourself and your business by not being afraid to speak out.

This podcast episode is about the key to an indestructible reputation.

It’s easy – don’t let anyone bring it down and drag it through the mud. Maintaining your reputation means being ethical and honest in your interactions with people, both in business and in life.

Kindness, honesty and compassion – that’s how to become truly indestructible.

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