I love giving presentations, workshops and keynotes because I love helping people.

I love giving virtual presentations because they are incredibly convenient, interactive and easy to use.

What I know is that people no longer love (perhaps even despise), is sitting through virtual presentations. “Zoom” fatigue has certainly set in for most people when they have to log in to another – ugh – meeting.

Although we are so close to returning to those in-person meetings, many of us still have months of virtual calls ahead of us. Plus, due to the ease and cost-efficiency of the meetings, many are here to stay.

On the podcast, the three areas that help you become an all-star participant and can also prevent those “Zoom” fails that end up going viral.

Available now: Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis. 

Indestructible is perfect for anyone who owns a business or communicates on behalf of one, and wants to increase the value and reputation of the business. 

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