The third part of a series on the best communication tactics during COVID-19, these are episodes I am replaying that are still relevant today as they were in the spring of 2020.*

I have assembled a group of savvy professionals working in crisis and risk management, public relations, strategy & planning to offer their take on how to communicate for COVID-19, still! 

*Except for the mention of presidential candidate, Joe Biden. 

My contributors:

1. Mary Beth West of Fletcher Marketing PR

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2. Jared Meade, Founder & Principal, Rayne Strategy Group

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3. Mark Hoffman, Senior Crisis Management & Business Continuity Consultant

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Episode 51: Cybersecurity Issues That Will Keep You Up at Night


4. Jo Detavernier, Principal at Detavernier Strategic Communication

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5. Michelle Garrett, PR Consultant and Prolific Freelance Content Writer

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6. James Green, Director of Risk Advisory Services at SAI Global

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7. Adam Schwartz, Founder, The Cooperative Way

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8. Hinda Mitchell, President and Founder of Inspire PR Group

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9. Julia Angelen Joy, Public Relations Strategist and President of Z Group PR

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CEOs Will Lead Way Through Coronavirus – read the article HERE.


10. Stephanie H. Elsea, VP Marketing & Communications at The Lustgarten Foundation

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11. Leah Hunt, Public Relations Director at Hope for Women Magazine

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