If you watched the first presidential debate in 2020, you may have felt like you were watching history – a train wreck of historic proportions. For 90 minutes President Trump repeatedly interjected and clashed with former Vice President Joe Biden. When it was Biden’s turn to speak, he vacillated between exasperated smiles and astonished dismay.
What may have appeared to look like a chaotic mess, was likely a part of a master plan – at least by one of the candidates.

Donald Trump was creating controlled chaos by repeatedly baiting Biden and debate moderator Chris Wallace.


The crosstalk was more a cross between negotiation and intimidation in the form of baiting. It’s a manipulative strategy that provokes an angry, aggressive or emotional reaction from another person. Someone can take the bait in a media interview, business negotiation, relationship – and yes – even a debate.

Listen to three characters that someone is trying to bait you, and what you can do to stop them dead in their tracks.


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