What if the ticking time bomb of a public relations crisis was right under your nose and you didn’t even recognize it? Our latest episode brings you face to face with the harsh realities of reputational damages and guides you through murky waters of irrecoverable PR disasters. This is a discussion on the subtle signs that hint at a PR crisis spiraling out of control, from public outcry going viral to your stakeholders making a quick exit. We dissect the challenging environment created by the #MeToo movement for those on the receiving end of accusations and shine a light on the red flags that mark the point of no return. We also examine real-life cases, including the legal challenges faced by individuals such as Colleen Ballinger, Ricky Martin, and Jonathan Majors.

Prepare for a deep dive into the world of crisis management as we stress the need for a team that can tackle legal hurdles while expertly handling PR strategies. We spill the beans on hiring a ‘fixer’ and discuss the crucial difference between a legal and a PR fixer. But that’s not all – we also are going to arm you with the ‘Own It, Explain It, Promise It’ formula, a proactive approach to managing your reputation. No more fumbling in the dark, this episode is all about being prepared, proactive and primed to handle any PR crisis that comes your way.

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