In any crisis, the first 48 hours are make-or-break. Things can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t have a sol

There is more to you than your worst moment.

This week we are joined by educator, speaker, and consultant Dan Farkas to discuss Bill Simmons’ Jalen Green blunder on his podcast, the Ringer Podcast. Tuning in, you will hear exactly what happened during the incident and what Dan thought of it. We also discuss how Bill and Jalen handled it and Dan’s opinion of Bill’s response. Next, we discuss the successful crisis management framework Bill followed and how that led to them both coming out on top. 

 Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Introducing the topic of today’s discussion: the Bill Simmons Jalen Green podcast incident. 
  • Dan reflects on whether the way hosts react to controversial issues is different from the past. 
  • Whether or not hosts are treading on thin ice when it comes to their opinions. 
  • Why unscripted moments can sometimes be the best moments. 
  • What Dan thinks about how Bill responded when Jalen called him out on his comment. 
  • The good crisis management framework Bill followed: acknowledgment and explanation. 
  • A story of how Dan has been on both sides of a process like this and how he responded to it. 
  • Today’s indestructible tip: what we can take away from this incident and what the lesson is. 



“Bill Simmons really – impacted the player more than I think he thought it did.” —@danfarkas[0:13:08] 

“If you go through that Framework you can come out – looking like good guys!” — @MollyMcPherson[0:14:44] 


“There’s more to you than your worst moment.” —@danfarkas[0:18:15] 


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