The unfortunate circumstance of a social media storm is part of modern life on the internet. We have all seen the high-profile cases of cancellations and controversy that occur as a result of tweets and videos, and these may even extend to people we know more closely. So what can you do if you encounter such a problem, especially in light of old tweets and content, and the way the connected world has the potential to remember everything you have ever done? In today’s episode, we consider this surprisingly important question and have a quick look at the example of Tinx and her recent episode and response. As usual, you can expect an actionable procedure to follow, as well as some helpful tips on how to avoid a difficult situation. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  •  Some examples of high profile individuals facing backlash over old tweets.
  •  The online influencers who inspired this episode!
  •  Unpacking the situation involving Tinx and her behavior online.
  •  Examples of some of the troublesome content that Tinx posted.
  •  A walk-through of how Tinx took accountability, owned it, and contextualized her actions.
  •  Where Tinx’s statement fell short: the final step of making a promise.
  •  What these examples teach us about our own social media use and activity.
  •  Helpful resources for cleaning up old tweets and potential problems.
  •  Today’s indestructible tip: the step-by-step process to follow if something offensive comes to light.



“Whether it’s tweeting something without fully thinking it through or posting a photo that later makes us cringe, we’ve all fallen victims to the hazards of not being careful online.” — @MollyMcPherson[0:00:52]


“There’s always the risk that your old tweets could resurface and create a PR crisis for you. It has happened to a number of people in the public space.” — @MollyMcPherson[0:01:31]


“When someone takes note of something and they take note on a viral platform then, watch out. When one’s reputation is on the line, one needs to respond.” — @MollyMcPherson[0:09:28]


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