COVID-19 Response Kit

We'll help you create and deliver an


Effective Crisis Communication Plan


that will help you become the trusted source for your audience.

Abundance of Content

Network of Support

Plan of Engagement

You don't need more resources, you need better resources.

Do you struggle to create enough relevant content in a crisis?

Are you having problems getting leadership to buy into the need for updated communications?

Are you frustrated by not have the valuable resources to communicate in a time of crisis?

Are you connecting with your audience in the right channels?

Become the trusted source audiences turn to in a crisis.

In a crisis, your audience requires accurate and timely information from you in order to make good decisions to help them survive and thrive.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Browse through a growing selection of ready-to-launch templates to communicate with your stakeholders. From press releases to social media - customize the content for your audience, and then launch.

Exclusive Training

Learn from seasoned pros in communications trade as they share what strategies and tactics they are using with their stakeholders through video and audio interviews. Coming soon - training videos for cutting-edge PR and social media tactics.

Communicators Network

There is nothing better than a community of like-minded professionals learning and sharing together, especially during a crisis, like COVID-19, which is a first of it's kind in the world of crisis communications.



If you're here, then you may be in need of help of communication help as everyone finds their way through this crisis. 

When COVID-19 took hold of our day-to-day lives in work and and home, I knew I needed to transition my work from helping my clients to helping as many people as I can looking for guidance.

This is the solution I came up with for my clients, and anyone else in need of communication, PR, and crisis management help. 

It's an ever-changing work in progress. I hope you join me as we all get through this time together.

Special Pricing

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering you a chance into our Communicator's Response Kit FREE for 30 days in order to make sure you have a solid game plan for controlling the message with your audience.

Communicator's Response Kit: COVID-19 Edition


● Access to all COVID-19 templates and training materials
● Access to exclusive Slack Community of industry experts
● Access to the bi-weekly conference call with industry experts
● New modules, training, and templates as they are released

Changing your communications career is easy as 1-2-3

I've made made this decision as low-risk as it gets by giving you 30 days to kick the tires and see the value I know you will find if you engage with this community of professionals. What are you waiting for?


Access the Response Kit

Simply click on the button below and give me a little information. That's it. You be given access to a valuable resource that will be growing day by day, especially as this crisis changes in front of our eyes.


Download and Engage!

I feel the more time and effort you invest in this kit will reciprocate value many times over. This kit will save you time, inspire ideas, and connect you with some meaningful conversations.


Become the Trusted Source

I know you want to be the communicator that your audience turns to in a crisis when they need to make decisions that will help them survive and thrive. It's my goal for you too!

Why I Do What I Do...

I know that you want to be the communicator that your audience turns to in a crisis when they need to make decisions that will help them survive and thrive.  In order to do that, you need some guidance when it comes to best practices or what tools will quickly get your important messages across to your audience.  

The problem is finding those valuable resources when companies have cut budgets or leadership won't buy in which makes you feel overwhelmed and perhaps a bit frustrated.  I believe it's just wrong that during a crisis, everyone looks to you to have just the right answer at just the right time and yet having that library of valuable resources to guide you just didn't make the final draft of the budget. 

That's why I have decided to build a series of tools and a community to be that guide when you need it most all for a very budget-friendly investment. I understand what it's like to not know where to turn for communications help during a crisis and what it's like to try and get leadership buy-in to budget for that help, which is why I am using my 25 years of crisis communications experience to build a response kit that will give you the right words for the right time. 

I'm also building a community of like-minded communicators and industry experts to share tips, tools, and best practices, especially when it matters most.  

So, join the program today and in the meantime, download our FREE COVID Communication Response Guide so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by struggling to find relevant content and instead create the right message at the right time with help from a community of like-minded communicators. 

Some of the experts you will meet...


Adam Schwartz

Founder, The Cooperative Way. Adam is a passionate advocate for helping cooperatives succeed.


Julia Joy

A PR Rebel Strategist, Julia is the founder of Z Group PR: Public Relations Consulting for People, Brands & Agencies.

MMP-2 (1)

Mark Hoffman

Founer, Anesis Consulting Group, Inc.
Sr. Crisis Management & Business Continuity Consultant