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Communication has become a challenging hurdle to overcome in the 21st-century.

  • You don’t feel heard in all the noise out there.
  • You’re afraid of saying the wrong thing online or in person.
  • You worry that speaking up for yourself will earn you the wrong label.
  • You fear someone will take what you say or what you write out of context.

If you’re like most professionals, you spend most of your time communicating online. It’s how we do business today.


Women increasingly feel like they’re not being heard in this political and cultural climate, but they know they need to speak out against issues that hit close to home.

Men are afraid to say the wrong thing, for fear it’s misconstrued and used against them. But they’re unsure of how to communicate in a way that’s empathetic and still effective.


Communicate with Power in Less Than an Hour addresses both of these challenges. This actionable, 5-module program will teach you:

  • The key differences between how men and women communicate
  • How your communication style impacts how you’re heard
  • How to analyze how you communicate so you can be seen, heard and relevant no matter where you’re speaking out
  • How the way you write online is a dead giveaway for your age

We’ll also address how to be savvy on social media—because everything you say and do there is fair game for others...your coworkers, your boss, your customers, your family, acquaintances, strangers, you get the picture.

It’s not actually true that 93 percent of your communication is nonverbal. Not in the digital age. Your words matter, and how you use them in context matters. But yes, you’ll learn how your nonverbal communication impacts your words too!


Communicate with Power in Less Than an Hour is for you if:

  • You’re tired of being ignored in meetings
  • Others don’t respond to your emails in a meaningful way
  • You’ve been called too direct, too passive or an ineffective speaker
  • You communicate with clients and prospects online but wonder if you are truly getting your message across
  • You feel too old, too young or out of place online

Be seen online and off.

Be heard by the people who matter.

Stay relevant in the digital age.

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You’ll be able to work through all five modules in less than an hour. You’ll find additional, actionable steps in the workbook that might take you longer than an hour to do.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a male entrepreneur, a female executive or someone who identifies elsewhere. We look at common communication practices and help you to understand how others communicate as well as your own habits. Understanding both will help you be a better communicator.