how to use a hashtag

How the heck do you use a hashtag?

Do you know the power of a hashtag? (Do you even know what a hashtag is?) I get asked about hashtags a lot in my business, and it’s not uncommon to feel like a #dinosaur. Shoot, I question myself every time I use a hashtag–still! There’s no shame in not knowing what a hashtag is or how to use it. There really aren’t any true tutorials on it and for us Gen-Xers and older, it’s…

annoying communication habits

Annoying Communication Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

You know you’ve seen and heard it: The person driving down the street texting. The mom Facetiming her teenager in the grocery store. Loudly. The video call with background noise (or underwear hanging on the treadmill in the background). The “reply all” email threads that go on…and on…and on… Sure, you’re well aware of the annoying communication habits that others are guilty of. Do you know what you might be doing that’s annoying others? This…

how to handle a difficult conversation Lara Currie

How to Handle a Difficult Conversation

Everyone has difficult moments in their lives, whether it’s a high-conflict divorce, an argument with a friend or family member or clashed personalities at work. It happens because we’re human and because we often don’t know how to react or interact during difficult times. Instead of reacting to triggers that only make the moment more heated, this week’s guest teaches us how to pause a moment to make sure we’re reacting appropriately. Lara Currie is…


Crisis Case Study: A Turbulent, Bloody Mess

When you’re in the public eye, be ready for scrutiny. Even if you’re not in the public eye, your audience is looking for transparency both online and offline. Try to hide and you’re going to get some backlash–especially in the face of a crisis. This week on the Confident Communications podcast, we’re ripping from the headlines two fallouts from two executives’ mistakes. One flat-out lied and bamboozled the public and investors out of millions (a…

Your Name Went Viral

Your Name Went Viral – But Not in a Good Way. Now What?

Going viral isn’t always a good thing. Just ask Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, who both went viral recently because of the college cheating scandal. No one wants to go viral like that. The thing is, in today’s digital age, you’re at risk whether you know it or not. It’s important to be prepared and to know what to look for, which is exactly what I’m talking about in this week’s Confident Communications podcast. I’ll…


10 Hacks that Take the Suck Out of Writing

Too many people get stressed out when it comes to writing, and it’s usually because they’ve told themselves that they’re a bad writer. But that’s not actually true. Most people know how to write. What you need to figure out is how to make writing a little less something you dread. When I was a kid, I loved writing– as most kids do. But it was when when my paycheck started depending on my writing…


The Secret to Being a Great Speaker

For most people, your voice is simply the tool you use to communicate. But for Gina Razón, this week’s guest on the Confident Communications Podcast, the voice is much more than that. And when you don’t use your breath properly, your voice (and your credibility) can suffer. A former opera singer and current public speaker and voice coach, Gina shares with us why the voice is a tattletale for your confidence and exactly what speakers…


The Best and Worst of the 2019 Oscars

Did you watch the 2019 Oscars telecast? I did – that’s why I’m looking at how the stars’ publicists did on the most important night in Hollywood. It was the first time in the history of the broadcast that the program went host-less. Join me and my long-term friend and fellow pop culture enthusiast Mary Mitschow as we each chose our top three hits and misses by both stars and publicists on Oscar night and…


How to Spot a Liar

Let’s face it, we all lie. Many of those lies are innocent white lies with the intent of making the other person look or feel better (That jacket looks great on you!) but other lies are much more hurtful and impactful (think: the Fyre Festival). Most people can’t spot a lie because humans are wired to believe one another. In this episode of the Confident Communications Podcast, I’m sharing the common reasons we lie, which…


Bully!: Presidential Communications Throughout the Ages

More than ever, being President of the United States means you need to be at the top of your game as a communicator. And no matter what you think about current or past presidents, each one had his own challenges and triumphs when it comes to communicating with the American public. In this non-partisan episode of the Confident Communications podcast, I’m sharing how communication by our nation’s leaders has changed over time–from the written State…