How to Get a Handle on Filler Words in Your Vocabulary

Filler words. They’re a pesky tic that everyone uses. But if overused, filler words can undermine the potential for your success. We use them to take up space in a conversation, give us time to think up a response or simply because it’s a habit we’re not even aware of.   In this episode of Communicate with Confidence, I’m sharing the different types of filler words and how you can (and should) eliminate them from…


Your Guide to Communication “Tells”

Did you know that you can tell how old someone is just by how they communicate? It’s true, and many marketers and other professionals are savvy at using this information to determine whether you’re a good fit for a product or even a job. In this first episode of Communicate with Confidence, I’m sharing my background in communication and how I used my status as a Gen-Xer and communications professional to see both sides of…