how to nail your media interview

How to Nail Your Next Media Interview

The thought of a call from the media, or (yikes!) a request for an interview is the stuff of nightmares for many business owners and executives. But it’s also par for the course if you want to stay ahead of the story, put out the right message and stay transparent and relevant to your audience. If you want to run and hide when you hear a reporter is on the line, or avoid speaking in…

how to speak to waitstaff

How to Speak to Waitstaff

How do you ask for your check at a restaurant? Are you a “Check, please!” person or someone who waits to make eye contact with their server then air-signs to let the server know what you want? Do you know which is the more appropriate thing to do? In honor of National Waitstaff Day, this week’s episode of Confident Communications focuses on all the things your waitstaff wants you to know about dining in a…


10 Moves to Protect Your Online Reputation

Back in the day, you relied on personal relationships when deciding whether to do business with someone. While that’s still the case in a lot of circles, even more popular is our good friend Google. I don’t know about you, but I often Google the name of someone who cold calls me–for a media interview, for help in their business. I want to know who I’m dealing with before I agree to do any work…

how to respond to bad reviews

Yelp! I Got a Bad Review! (Now What?)

As many as 90% of people check out reviews on social media and business or industry websites before buying. That means your reviews matter. But what matters even more is how you respond to reviews your customers leave online. Unfortunately, you don’t have time to manage your reviews all day long. And you shouldn’t. What you should do, however, is make sure that you respond to every single review you receive–good or bad. In fact,…


How to Be a Great Spokesperson: A Reporter’s Perspective

I spent a good part of my career working with the media as a crisis communications and public relations professionals. The journalists I met had a passion for finding the story and making sure the public heard it. One of the journalists I encountered throughout my career was Jeanne Meserve, an anchor and correspondent for CNN and ABC News and winner of two Emmy Awards, two CNN Peabody Awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award.…

social media tips

5 Quick Hits for Using Social Media

Major League Baseball hits a home run when it comes to social media strategy. But you don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar enterprise to get noticed and stay relevant. With a few small tweaks, a little time blocked on your calendar and some thought and strategy, you’ll be hitting social home runs with the big leagues. That doesn’t mean you need to be on all the platforms; it just means that you need to…

how to use a hashtag

How the heck do you use a hashtag?

Do you know the power of a hashtag? (Do you even know what a hashtag is?) I get asked about hashtags a lot in my business, and it’s not uncommon to feel like a #dinosaur. Shoot, I question myself every time I use a hashtag–still! There’s no shame in not knowing what a hashtag is or how to use it. There really aren’t any true tutorials on it and for us Gen-Xers and older, it’s…

annoying communication habits

Annoying Communication Habits You Need to Stop Immediately

You know you’ve seen and heard it: The person driving down the street texting. The mom Facetiming her teenager in the grocery store. Loudly. The video call with background noise (or underwear hanging on the treadmill in the background). The “reply all” email threads that go on…and on…and on… Sure, you’re well aware of the annoying communication habits that others are guilty of. Do you know what you might be doing that’s annoying others? This…

how to handle a difficult conversation Lara Currie

How to Handle a Difficult Conversation

Everyone has difficult moments in their lives, whether it’s a high-conflict divorce, an argument with a friend or family member or clashed personalities at work. It happens because we’re human and because we often don’t know how to react or interact during difficult times. Instead of reacting to triggers that only make the moment more heated, this week’s guest teaches us how to pause a moment to make sure we’re reacting appropriately. Lara Currie is…


Crisis Case Study: A Turbulent, Bloody Mess

When you’re in the public eye, be ready for scrutiny. Even if you’re not in the public eye, your audience is looking for transparency both online and offline. Try to hide and you’re going to get some backlash–especially in the face of a crisis. This week on the Confident Communications podcast, we’re ripping from the headlines two fallouts from two executives’ mistakes. One flat-out lied and bamboozled the public and investors out of millions (a…