The “When Your Back is Up Against the Wall” Response: The Friends of Jeffrey Epstein

The revelation that disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein was facing sex-trafficking charges in July 2019 left a wake of fear among many big wheels who considered Epstein – at one time or another – a friend. From Washington D.C. to Manhattan, to even (gulp) The Palace, people who have a history with Epstein needed to say something, and say it quickly. A lot of well-known people connected with him have been scrambling for the appropriate response…

JFK Jr. Plane Crash

The JFK Jr. Plane Crash: A behind-the-scenes account from July 1999

In the early hours of July 17, 1999, the world watched and waited to find out the fate of America’s son, John F. Kennedy, Jr. The night before, he took off from Essex County airport in his single-engine plane carrying his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and sister-in-law, Lauren Bessette. They were bound for Martha’s Vineyard but never arrived. I was a reporter in Cape Cod at the time and had a front-row seat to the…

professional development

Professional Development: You Can’t Succeed Without It

My job is professional development, teaching business leaders how to up their communication game. I’d like to think that I have my presentation and curriculum development skills up to par with some of the best–a requirement when you’re trying to keep high-achieving students engaged. But I hear two things from many of my audience members: either they feel like their organization doesn’t offer much in the way of professional development for someone at their level…


How to Feel Like a Natural in Front of the Camera

No matter your profession, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be on camera (whether you welcome the idea or not). But like speaking in front of a crowd, not everyone is a natural at it. You worry about looking frumpy, saying the wrong thing, sweating through your suit jacket or stuttering through your remarks. These are all common concerns, but with some practice and the tips on this episode of the Confident Communications Podcast, you’ll…


Blaming the Millennial: Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

I’ve heard a lot of disparaging remarks about Millennials during my talks and workshops, and after asking other generations their thoughts on these so-called youngsters I’ve decided it’s time to give them a break. The thing is, most people’s perceptions of Millennials are wrong. Not only are they not the lazy, entitled narcissists I’ve heard them being called, they’re also not even in the age bracket most people assume they fall into. It’s time to…

how to get found on linkedin

Get Found on LinkedIn–Without Getting Found Out at Work

LinkedIn is the online version of walking into a conference or big networking event, according to my guest on this week’s episode of the Confident Communications podcast. Kristal Hicks is founder of JOBTALK, where she helps everyone from new college graduates to those looking to transition in their careers to optimize their LinkedIn profiles for success. With LinkedIn, professionals can connect with others in their industry and even hunt for a job–under the radar. Krystal…

how to be a modern-age leader

How to Be a Modern-Age Leader

Leaders need to continue to work to be more relevant in the modern age. As technology changes, it can become more and more difficult to stay in the know. But if you’re off the grid and not online–or struggle to keep up with new communication trends–you’re hurting your brand. This week on the Confident Communications podcast, I’m sharing four ways you can be seen, be heard and stay relevant in the modern age. Yes, social…


A Crisis Case Study: How to Respond to a Media Attack

It’s happened again. A high-profile man accused of inappropriate conduct. Even those with the PR staff to back them up don’t always respond appropriately when their reputation is being attacked. That’s exactly my take on the recent man in the spotlight: Tony Robbins. This week on the Confident Communications podcast, I’m dissecting the accusations against Tony Robbins and his response. What did he do right? Where did he (and others) miss the mark? What happens…

how to nail your media interview

How to Nail Your Next Media Interview

The thought of a call from the media, or (yikes!) a request for an interview is the stuff of nightmares for many business owners and executives. But it’s also par for the course if you want to stay ahead of the story, put out the right message and stay transparent and relevant to your audience. If you want to run and hide when you hear a reporter is on the line, or avoid speaking in…

how to speak to waitstaff

How to Speak to Waitstaff

How do you ask for your check at a restaurant? Are you a “Check, please!” person or someone who waits to make eye contact with their server then air-signs to let the server know what you want? Do you know which is the more appropriate thing to do? In honor of National Waitstaff Day, this week’s episode of Confident Communications focuses on all the things your waitstaff wants you to know about dining in a…