Business as usual is no longer business as usual. In today’s high-touch, online world, even the best communication efforts can fall flat when a group of people decide to unite against your organization.


It’s impossible to make everyone happy, every day.

Social media and other online attacks can ruin your reputation and sideline all your PR efforts if not handled appropriately.

Identifying and mitigating critics quickly and appropriately is critical, especially when word spreads today at the speed of the internet. And one wrong response taken out of context can mean certain death for your business and your reputation.

Stop hiding behind your computer screen. First, you must turn the tables and take positive, engaged action against the noise-makers. Then, you must develop a plan of action that puts you in the driver’s seat moving forward.

You need a battle plan. One that solves your immediate challenge and then helps you proactively avoid disaster in the future.

With Calm the Criticsyou’ll learn:

  • How to recognize a critic that’s targeting your organization
  • Techniques for crafting and framing your message so you can respond effectively to negativity toward your organization
  • How your own well-crafted message can be an effective part of your organization’s crisis communications plan
  • How to create your own community to leverage your current audience and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to communicating your own message, counterbalancing rumors and dispelling misinformation.
  • The essential pieces of a step-by-step PR action plan to manage a crisis or challenge now and take a proactive approach in the future
  • How increase transparency within your organization to rebuild trust with your customer
  • Tips for creating social media and messaging guidelines

This masterclass is fully online, allowing you to work through each section at your own pace. It’s also fully actionable, with a template to create your own public relations strategy and your own social media policy. You’ll learn how to identify and respond to critics that are negatively targeting your business or your industry so you can effectively engage in the conversation and turn the tables back in your favor.

Even better, you’ll also gain access to my own private Facebook group as an ongoing support system through these murky social media waters.

Because you’re not in this alone, even if you’re currently feeling stranded.

molly mcpherson

Calm the Critics is for you if:

  • Your organization or industry is under attack by whistle-blowers and activists who are edging you out of the conversation
  • You struggle with engaging your members and constituents in the conversation at hand
  • Your leadership is often accused of not listening or responding effectively to complaints
  • You’re a corporate or co-op communications professional looking for actionable steps from a proven leader in the industry to take to your board of directors
  • You’re a business owner or leader of an organization that wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to issues of transparency and communication
  • You want to develop a community among your audience and have a place to communicate effectively and proactively

You’ve been on the side of complaints too--

Venting to friends and family, calling up customer service and maybe even writing letters.

You’ll receive this course via an online learning system, where you can access the videos and downloadable worksheets. Each module is a step-by-step how-to that you can work through at your own pace. Dive in at your convenience, when you’re ready, and work through it as quickly (or slowly) as you’d like. You have lifetime access!

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How long will it take for me to work through this masterclass?

The videos will take you about X minutes to watch straight through, however all the information is highly actionable. You’ll want to grab the downloads and work through them as you go.

What kind of downloads are you talking about?

With this masterclass, you’ll receive:

  • A printable document that outlines the different types of Facebook groups that could be targeting your organization
  • A template to use as you develop your own PR action plan
  • A Q&A to help you develop a crisis communication strategy
  • The framework to help you identify key spokespeople in your organization
  • Access to a private Facebook group to help you survive digital age public relations

My organization isn’t currently in crisis mode. Is this masterclass for me?

Absolutely. There’s no time like the present to develop a strategy to stay on top of your crisis public relations plan. Develop your plan today so you know exactly what to do in the event of a Facebook group crisis.

Do I need to work in communications or public relations to understand the masterclass?

Absolutely not. This masterclass was created for anyone who wants to learn more about private Facebook groups or needs guidance on how to manage one when it affects your business. This masterclass will help you understand the nuances of the groups so you can stay proactive when it comes to communications and transparency.