Does public backlash, humiliation, or even worse ‘being canceled’ in today’s digital age keep you up at night?

Indestructible will help you
become a trusted communicator during any crisis

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To Be In Control of the Message in a Crisis, You Must Know How To Create and Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time

But there’s some challenges…


No plan in place...

The time to build your plan is NOT when you are in the crisis!


Limited resources & support...

With budget being cut all over the place, there isn’t much to work with.


Little time to make changes...

When you’re in crisis, there’s no room for error.


Feel behind in social media...

With digital and social media constantly evolving, it seems impossible to stay ahead of the changes online.

Not sure where to start...

You and your team are understaffed, overwhelmed, and unprepared.

Cancel Culture is only getting stronger...

Are you prepared if you face a public backlash online?

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What words that come to mind at the thought of putting yourself out there on social media during a crisis?

  • Nervous
  • Uneasy
  • Controversial
  • Damage control
  • Gut-wrenching
  • Fear

Here are your 3 steps to becoming a
savvy business communicator across multiple platforms.


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Become the trusted resource during a crisis

And no longer lose sleep worrying about a crisis or PR nightmare — you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.

You aren’t alone. The idea of managing PR and social media during a crisis

can be overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be.

You can respond with confidence in this new era of media without hesitation or fear of destruction to your brand.

You know you’re a trustworthy leader, capable of handling a crisis. Your stakeholders are tuned into various media and expect more than an email or an update posted on your website. The demand for a speedy response and transparency is essential, yet you’re still uncertain how and where to respond.

Molly McPherson is a nationally recognized expert on crisis public relations management in the age of social media who helps communicators create the right message, at the right time, and deliver it in the right place.

From her years of crisis-management experience and mining news stories and tweets for ripped-from-the-headline examples, Molly created frameworks to up-level your confidence for communicating with ease in crucial crisis moments so you can own the conversation. 

In this book, you will:

  • Learn how to display truth and transparency online in a time of outrage
  • Get practical tips for managing a crisis on social media
  • Become a modern-age communicator who avoids reputation damage
  • Understand how to lead in a time of crisis

Don’t just take our word for it…

I have dealt with a crisis or two and maybe even caused a few on my own, so I appreciate Molly McPherson’s insights from Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis. Every organization, business, or political candidate will face some sort of crisis. Her thoughts on not only how to deal with them but then actually get a handle on all aspects of public affairs, especially in getting comfortable with using social media in a crisis, is invaluable.

Timothy Sullivan

Rear Admiral ADM (Ret.), USCG

Not only does Molly provide you with the preparations to make before ‘cancel culture’ comes calling, but the paths to take when the pressure is on so you’ll avoid adding to the anger. With this book in your back pocket, you can be confident in knowing you’ll be indestructible during a crisis.

Mike McGill

WaterPIO Former Producer, CNN’s Reliable Sources

Molly McPherson is a communications first responder! Crisis management, social media strategy, brand enhancement. I have her on speed dial. So should you.

Jeffrey Blount

former Senior Director, NBC News Washington, and author of The Emancipation of Evan Walls

When it comes to crisis response and safeguarding your company’s reputation, Molly is one of the best in the world. Her advice is on point, her instincts are impeccable, and her ability to execute is masterful. Molly isn’t one of those ‘theoretical’ crisis experts. Her expertise was earned the hard way . . . by slogging it out in the trenches in real-life crisis situations. If you’re responsible in any way for your company’s reputation, you need to put this book at the top of your reading list.

Warren Weeks

Principal, Weeks Media

For years, Molly McPherson has stood out as one of the savviest media and crisis communicators working today. Her work goes far beyond the usual platitudes to deal with the hard-nosed realities of individuals and brands in trouble – whether caused by actual bad acts or the mere perception of bad acts. In Indestructible: Reclaim Control and Respond with Confidence in a Media Crisis, she shares clear-eyed thinking that communicators and others in the spotlight should internalize before trouble comes knocking on their front door – or their Twitter feed.

Brad Phillips

President, Throughline Group, and author of The Media Training Bible

Throughout Molly’s career she’s done a great job of moving forward the conversation with sharp insights around media relations during a crisis. Indestructible, will go a long way continuing her great advice for communicators and the companies they serve.

Bill Coletti

Author of Critical Moments: The New Mindset of Reputation Management

Molly McPherson


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