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From Facebook filters to #ikwilhelpen; social media shows solidarity for Brussels.

  Once again, social media is bringing people together in a time of crisis. Memes, Facebook filters, and hashtags appeared on online profiles and social media accounts worldwide to show solidarity with Belgium in the wake of Tuesday’s bombings that left dozens of people dead or injured. Hashtags Inspired by the #JeSuisCharlie hashtag campaign that went viral after the terrorist attacks in Paris last year, the attacks in Belgium inspired these notable dedicated hashtags: 1)…


When a Little Meme Takes a Hostage: #LittleMarco vs. #FreeChrisChristie

Without question, the meme has become the delectable digital Easter egg for followers of this election season. Sure, political satire in the meme form has been around for many years, but this election cycle has created a demand for these infectious, yet timely viral memes. When a real-time political event is happening live, like the recent debates, the Twittersphere not only wants a meme, they demand it. Two Republican candidates each had to deal with…

Hillary Clinton Speech Tips

3 Presentation Tips Women Leaders Can Learn From Hillary

  Whether you are a woman in politics or business, the road to success is markedly smoother for women who possess solid communication and presentation skills. Unlike her male counterpart, a woman at the head of any room has the added burden of being on display when they give a presentation, headline a speech, or begin their opening remarks in a political debate. And no other woman in recent memory has been scrutinized more for…

Jimmy Fallon Spiral

Jimmy Fallon’s Official Tumble into the Digital Death Spiral

Who: Jimmy Fallon, the lovable host of NBC’s The Tonight Show. How did he get here? All it took was one bad tumble this past June to get people to start thinking that there may be a little darkness hiding behind this light and upbeat talk show host. Fallon first entered into his Digital Death Spiral after photos surfaced of him enjoying a night out drinking. The photos weren’t incriminating, but the timing sure was. The photos were taken…

Presidential Debate Takeaways

5 "leave behinds" from the Democratic Presidential Debate

Five Democratic presidential candidates stood together on a debate stage for the first time Tuesday in a fight to win the night. In past televised debates, the declared winner was typically the most polished and prepared candidate who left audiences with a clearly defined key message. That winning message was likely delivered with either powerful conviction or with a witty retort that had the staying power to appear in the following morning’s print editions. However,…

Social Media Saved FEMA

Social Media Saves FEMA

How It Started

How it all started

Molly McPherson Digital Immigrants and Natives

Part 2: What's a Digital Immigrant?


The Public Relations Pontiff

As Pope Francis continues his historic first visit to the U.S., let’s take a look at why this pope, in particular, has been able to make such a connection with the public. What does this holy, public figure possess that gives him the power to overtake a news cycle stuffed with wall-to-wall political coverage? In a nutshell, Pope Francis – and clearly his savvy media team back at the Vatican – understands the powerful connection…


Drug Villain Goes Viral On Social Media….

Digital Death Spiral Who: Martin Shkreli, the 32-year-old CEO of Turing Pharmaceutical. Claim to Fame: Primarily known for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug typically used to treat toxoplasmosis, the parasitic infection that can sometimes be fatal for patients with HIV or cancer. A pill that was once $13.50 a pop is now $750 thanks to Shkreli’s greedy power grab. How did he get here? Shkreli managed to stay in the business section…