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How to Put Away Weak Speak and Communicate Differently

There is no true “best” communication style, but it is true that men and women communicate differently in the workplace. And it’s often men that make the bigger impact because of this. If you’re a woman, it can feel sexist and old-fashioned. And it is. But it’s also something that’s rooted in society and, as a result, the workforce. That doesn’t mean you can’t try to shift the norms and break out of the cycle…


How to keep your cool when responding to bad reviews

When your business has an online presence, it’s bound to happen. A customer is less than satisfied and leaves a one-star bad review on your Facebook page, on Yelp or on Google. Or someone leaves a negative comment on one of your business posts on Facebook or LinkedIn. Staying off the internet doesn’t help; it just allows your customers the opportunity to have a conversation about you–without you involved. And ignoring or deleting the negative…


How to maintain a personal identity when growing an online business

Growing a business today means growing a business online. No matter if yours is a local brick and mortar or a fully virtual shop, every business needs to have an online presence. Consumers turn to the internet first when making purchasing decisions–up to 97 percent looking for local companies online. So if you don’t carve a space for yourself there, you’re truly holding yourself back from the growth you want and need. Because if you’re…

social media storm: what to do in a crisis

Weathering the Social Media Storm

The last time a major hurricane battered the Houston area, I was reporting from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike for the Federal Emergency Managment Agency (FEMA) as a member of the headquarter’s public affairs team in 2008. With Hurricane Harvey, I see the intersection of my new career as a communications consultant working with rural electric cooperatives with my former one as I watch Texas, once again, battle back from massive flooding and power outages. But this…

baby boomer ceo social media

The Boomer CEO: Do I Really Need to Be on Social Media?

1. Do I really need to be on social media?  You don’t have to, but here’s why it’s a smart move: When a leader has an active presence on social media it shows the world (and your customers, board, stakeholders, and employees) that you’re not only listening but that you are willing to “open the books” – so to speak – on how you operate. It also indicates you aren’t stuck in your old ways —…

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How Executives Are Being Eaten Alive by the Social Feed

Recently, I conducted a communication training session for a group of board members just as news of the turmoil at Uber began swirling. I felt the situation at the car-sharing tech giant was the perfect illustration of the urgent need for reputation management at the CEO level: Amidst allegations of sexism in the workplace, a board member of Uber complained that women serving on corporate boards leads to unnecessary chatter. As I summarized what happened…

blogging for business

Reasons Why You Should (or Shouldn’t) Start a Blog

For many a solopreneur, small business owner, or side-hustler with a website, the choice of whether to start a blog or not has a simple answer – you have one. After all, that’s what people do with websites. Right? Sure. But keeping up with the blogging? Ah, now that’s a horse of a different color. Most people who have a blog will tell you it’s difficult to keep it current. That’s likely because most people…

Clout or Klout

Clout or Klout? A Primer On Why They Are Different.

Clout Clout by definition according to Merriam-Webster: 1) The power to influence or control situations 2) A hit especially with the hand This spelling can be used to indicate a person’s or a brand’s clout online when referring to the social media influence in a wholistic sense, but not when discussing the actual rating of their influence. That’s a Klout score. A Klout score is determined by a person’s online clout. Make sense? Klout The term…

Thousand Clicks - reputation management

Death By A Thousand Clicks

Death by a Thousand Clicks: When poor digital media practices slowly kill your reputation…one click at a time. Alert: Shameless Spark Plug coming at ya. Fun speaking gig at the newly minted Creative Mornings PKX in Portsmouth NH. Creative Mornings is a global morning lecture series for the creative community spear headed by NYC based Tina Roth Eisenberg of @swissmiss fame. They have 133 chapters around the globe all speaking on the same monthly theme. Our monthly theme…


Abby Wambach Heads Off Crisis Using 3 PR-Savvy Moves After Arrest

  Players from the U.S. women’s national soccer team had a very busy week in the media. Last Thursday, there was plenty of buzz about five current players who filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the U.S. Soccer Federation seeking wage equality with their male colleagues. Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Rebecca Sauerbrunn, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan filed the complaint on behalf of the entire team. Then, only days later, Abby…